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Hao Lam – CEO & Chairman of Best in Class Education Center

Hao Lam - Best in Class Education Center CEO

Hao Lam, CEO and Chairman of Best in Class Education Center, has spent his entire career as an advocate for affordable supplemental education. Over the past two decades, Hao has expanded his dream into the flourishing business that it is today.

Hao fled his native Vietnam in 1988 to escape political persecution during the height of the war. Despite ten failed attempts to escape the country, imprisonment, and raining gunfire, he tirelessly persevered. Finally, at the age of twenty, he escaped by boat to the Philippines where he lived as a refugee. A year later, he was sponsored to Prince Rupert, a small town in Canada, where he earned a BA in Mathematics from the University of British Columbia.

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Hao discovered his love for teaching during his time as a math tutor mentoring his fellow classmates. He also discovered he had a passion for business. In an effort to unite the two, Hao and his wife Lisa opened their first BrainChild Education Center in 1995. In 2011, Hao and Lisa gained sole ownership over the company and renamed it Best in Class Education Center. With over fifty centers nationwide and rapid growth on the horizon, this triumph is a testament to his determination, perseverance, and passion for education.

Hao now dedicates his time towards growing the Best in Class Franchise, guiding and coaching incoming business owners to take supplemental education to families across the nation. Hao has been a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a non-profit organization and global network exclusively for entrepreneurs. He is currently serving on the board of the Seattle Chapter for his fourth year. Hao and Lisa have two sons: Louis and Albert.

Sharon Peterson – Vice President of Franchise Recruitment and Development

Sharon Peterson - Vice President of Education Franchise Recruitment

Sharon joined the Best in Class team four years ago and has more than twelve years’ experience in business and franchise development. Her broad experience ranges from facilitating the launch of an emerging franchise brand to working with an industry leader with national brand recognition. In her various roles, Sharon has been instrumental in the development of franchise system infrastructure and the creation of policy that facilitates smoother operational processes and fosters strategic growth.

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As a former entrepreneur in a franchised organization, Sharon feels a deep connection with the budding and experienced entrepreneurs whom she serves. She guides each client through an extensive and informative research process to help them determine for themselves if Best in Class Education Center is the “Best” fit for them while explaining the expectations of the franchisor. Sharon’s passion and mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs find success in business ownership.

Victor Ho – Vice President of Information Technology

Victor Ho – Best In Class Vice President of Information Technology

Victor is responsible for the operations of the IT department and oversees the development of company proprietary software and math curriculum. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in embedded systems and DSP at the University of Washington. With over fifteen years of experience working at Best in Class Education Center, Victor has worked in a variety of roles within the company, which has given him a unique and strong understanding in all aspects of operations.

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Beginning as a teaching assistant when he was in high school, he was promoted to Math Enrichment tutor and then private tutor. Following that, he managed a Best in Class Education Center for four years before shifting focus to devote his energy to working at corporate headquarters.

Meet Our Franchisees

Best in Class Education Center has developed a flexible system that allows you to create your own work schedule and caters to your personal needs in establishing a new business. Veronica Reyna, a multi-unit franchisee from Cypress, Texas, has some great advice on what it’s like to get started with our program and some tips for those of you that are thinking of starting a franchise with us.


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Best in Class franchisees come from many different backgrounds and nationalities, but what they all have in common is a deep passion for helping their community and an immense drive to be successful entrepreneurs. In this video, four franchisees from different parts of the country will share with you why they chose Best in Class Education Center to be their ultimate franchising opportunity.


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Carole Said, a franchisee out of Houston, Texas, has a few words to share with you about her onboarding experience and why she chose Best in Class Education Center.


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