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Best in Class Franchisee is Helping to Expand the Brand’s California Footprint

Jenny Tran was first inspired to open a Best in Class center after witnessing firsthand the positive difference that the growing education center has had on her own two children.

With the hope of helping her children improve their grades, Tran trialed various supplemental education brands—the only problem was, she didn’t see any results. That’s when she found Best in Class. Since enrolling her two children more than four years ago, she watched as they went from struggling in school to becoming straight-A students. In fact, Tran’s teenage daughter was able to improve her math skills so much that she skipped an entire grade. Now, she’s in the honors program at school. Her younger son experienced a similar outcome—he went on to receive the Achievement Award at school.

Enrolling her children in Best in Class was a life-changing experience. But when Tran and her family had to relocate to Elk Grove, California to be closer to family and friends, she realized that there was no learning center in the area. Having already experienced subpar results from other education franchises, Tran decided to take matters into her own hands—she decided to open her own Best in Class Education center so her children could continue learning from their proven programs.

“I was grateful that my children had the opportunity to attend Best in Class and experience academic achievements, and I wanted to offer that same success to other children in the Elk Grove community,” Tran said. “The curriculum is tailored to the individual ability of the child. It really promotes critical thinking—and that’s a really good habit if you want to be successful in learning.”

In February 2014, Tran officially opened the doors to Elk Grove’s first Best in Class location. This marked the beginning of a rapid growth period for the brand, and to date, there are 35 centers open in California, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Nevada. According to Tran, the brand’s ability to grow and develop successfully in both new and existing markets is due to the recognizable achievements students have experienced at the centers. That success carried into Tran’s location in Elk Grove, and by 2016, she realized it was time to take Best in Class’ footprint even further—she decided to open a second location in California.

“California has provided us ample opportunity for growth and our centers have seen great success in the communities they serve,” Tran said. “The Elk Grove school district is the fifth largest in California and we’re very proud to be able to offer superior supplemental education to students in the local community. Now, we’re looking forward to bringing that same proven model to even more students than ever before.”

In particular, Tran’s new location will be in Sacramento, California. The grand opening for her store took place on July 10th, and at the opening, she raffled off prizes such as two weeks of free classes, free registration, and free assessment tests. Ultimately, Tran would like to open another Best in Class location in northern California towards the end of the year. In doing so, she’s helping the brand move forward in its ambitious development plans throughout California.

Source: 1851 Franchise Magazine


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