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Best in Class Education Center Develops into Georgia

After Signing on its First Unit Owners in Atlanta, Fast-Growing Education Franchise Eyes Further Development in the Peach State

Heading into the second half of the year, supplemental learning franchise Best in Class Education Centeris targeting Georgia for development after signing on its first franchise location in the state in Atlanta.

After nearly saturating southern markets similar to cities in Georgia, including Dallas, Austin and Houston, the brand became interested in seeking out prospective investors in the Peach State with a passion for education and a drive for entrepreneurship.

The Ruttles, an Atlanta family of four, will open the doors to the first Best in Class in Georgia in late June 2018. Molly Ruttle is a certified English teacher – educating students at a local dual Japanese-English immersion school. For the past fifteen years, Chris Ruttle has worked with a number of early stage companies looking to expand, helping these businesses to scale and reach new levels of success. Their daughter Allison, a certified math and science teacher, and their son Carter, who has teaching experience in several museums, round out the family team.

Years ago, Molly and Chris first became interested in investing in an education center in the Atlanta marketplace. With Molly’s background in education and Chris’s experience in business, the two thought to combine their strengths to invest in a business ownership opportunity in the field of academia.

Recently when the family team began looking for a franchise investment opportunity in the education sector, individualized learning was especially close to their hearts. Several years ago Carter suffered a massive stroke, causing him to lose all speech and language functions as well as control of the right side of his body.

“It took nearly a year for me to recover, I even had to relearn the English language,” said Carter. “At Best in Class, I look forward to teaching kids English and tailoring the lessons to each individual students’ needs based on the learning level and ability. Learning English is tough, and I had to learn it twice. Since I have recently relearned English, I can effectively highlight the importance of phonics, different learning styles, and education despite obstacles.”

According to the Ruttles, education in Georgia is becoming a very prominent state issue as higher education opportunities continue to improve statewide. North Atlanta residents especially value education, and the state as a whole is working to bring awareness to the important of schooling throughout Georgia.

“North Atlanta has become a very diverse, multicultural community that values education which has caused enrichment education to become even more vital in the area,” said Chris.

This increase in opportunity for specialized education in central Georgia, and throughout the state, has peaked Best in Class’ interest to develop throughout the state.

“We’ve seen great success in the southern market in cities throughout Texas and Southern California, having franchisees gone from one-location shops to multi-unit owners with centers in multiple cities,” said Best in Class VP of Franchise Development Sharon Peterson. “Georgia offers a similar environment to these regions, and we look forward to providing children in the area with the ability to better their academic lives through services at our future locations in the state.”

The brand is now looking to develop heavily in Atlanta, targeting territory in the suburbs and throughout the rest of the state of Georgia.


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