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Focus on the Long Game: Weighing the Costs of Opening a Franchise

Have you been thinking about jumping into the franchise game? There are many benefits to franchise ownership, including training and support from a big business network. You also get to exercise your entrepreneurial muscles and own a business without first coming up with a unique and innovative product idea. However,…

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Tips on Securing Funding to Start Your Business

Congratulations, you have identified a franchise that fits your skill set, your experience, and your passion. That is an excellent and critical step, but there is still a bit of work to do when starting a franchise. One important step is to secure adequate funding for your new company. This…

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Finding the Right Match: Which Franchise Is Right for You?

If you are looking for franchise opportunities, how do you know when the business is right for you? There are many resources available to you that can help you decide. Often, these resources are on the website of the company offering the sale of a franchise. With Best in Class…

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Meet Our Franchisees

Best in Class Education Center has developed a flexible system that allows you to create your own work schedule and caters to your personal needs in establishing a new business. Veronica Reyna, a multi-unit franchisee from Cypress, Texas, has some great advice on what it’s like to get started with our program and some tips for those of you that are thinking of starting a franchise with us.


-Veronica Reyna

Best in Class Education Center believes in providing you with all the tools you’ll need to succeed. In this video, Ira Giri, a multi-unit franchisee out of Katy, Texas, shares her Franchisee Training experience with you and how it prepared her to be a successful franchise owner.


-Ira Giri

Best in Class franchisees come from many different backgrounds and nationalities, but what they all have in common is a deep passion for helping their community and an immense drive to be successful entrepreneurs. In this video, four franchisees from different parts of the country will share with you why they chose Best in Class Education Center to be their ultimate franchising opportunity.


-A group of franchisees

Carole Said, a franchisee out of Houston, Texas, has a few words to share with you about her onboarding experience and why she chose Best in Class Education Center.


-Carole Said