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Had a Rough Year? Start Anew With a Franchise Business!

Start A new Franchise Business

Do you find that it’s not easy working for someone else? Are you filled with tons of great ideas and it drives you crazy to always be at the mercy of someone else’s decisions? Now could be the perfect time to do something about it. The new year brings many opportunities for making a change in your life. If a typical 9 – 5 just isn’t ideal, you might want to consider starting your own franchise business. Many entrepreneurs find that operating one or more profitable franchises is the best path toward creative and financial freedom, and we’ll explain why.

You’re Starting Off With a Good Foundation

One of the main challenges for a young company is customer acquisition. Consumers often base their purchasing decisions on a business’s reputation. Whether it be through word of mouth or online reviews, they want to know that a brand is trustworthy. For some new business owners, this means a hefty infusion of time and money into creating a presence from scratch.

With a good franchise business, you’re actually piggybacking on an established brand. Your franchisor has done most of the legwork in finding out what does and does not work, and they’ve most likely already facilitated the growth of [numerous profitable franchises] ( You’re benefitting from a proven business model.

You’re Given the Tools to Grow Your Business

Brand reputation isn’t the only advantage of a franchise company. Oftentimes, a franchisor will also provide immense ongoing support. After all, you’re both working toward the common goal of your success. In many situations, a franchisor will provide help with aspects of your business such as financing, marketing, PR, and training.

Additionally, you may get assistance with not only scouting a location, but also negotiating a lease and preparing for a grand opening. Moreover, depending on the industry you’re in, you might also be supplied with state-of-the-art operational materials. As an example, Best in Class franchisees maintain profitable franchises with proprietary curricula, software, and operations manuals.

You Have More Control and Freedom

Remember when we mentioned being at the mercy of someone else’s decisions? This goes beyond implementing ideas for the company. As an employee, you’re not in control of aspects such as the salary you make and whether you’re laid off during a rough patch. Obviously, as a business owner, you have complete control over these factors.

Furthermore, some franchises don’t require an exorbitant number of hours to operate a location. For instance, one Best in Class location requires 12 to 24 hours a week. This opens franchisees up to more free time or the opportunity to open additional profitable franchises.

At this point, you may be wondering how we can be so sure that a franchise is a viable option. [Best in Class Education Center is a K-12 learning center franchise] ( that provides top-of-the-line supplemental education services to communities all over the United States. We’ve turned a strong passion for both education and innovation into a thriving and trusted brand. With over two decades of experience, we have perfected our processes and made it possible for burgeoning and seasoned entrepreneurs to find success in business ownership. Our franchise partners experience several benefits that foster a competitive edge, stimulate growth, and offer the opportunity for multiple profitable franchises:

  • Affordability
  • Connections to third-party lenders
  • Help with finding, setting up, and opening a location
  • Complete training at corporate headquarters
  • Proprietary materials
  • Assistance with marketing and advertising
  • Ongoing support and periodic visits from a dedicated corporate team

It’s possible we could be your New Year’s resolution! [Contact Best in Class to find out how you can start anew with a premier learning center franchise] (!


Meet Our Franchisees

Best in Class Education Center has developed a flexible system that allows you to create your own work schedule and caters to your personal needs in establishing a new business. Veronica Reyna, a multi-unit franchisee from Cypress, Texas, has some great advice on what it’s like to get started with our program and some tips for those of you that are thinking of starting a franchise with us.


-Veronica Reyna

Best in Class Education Center believes in providing you with all the tools you’ll need to succeed. In this video, Ira Giri, a multi-unit franchisee out of Katy, Texas, shares her Franchisee Training experience with you and how it prepared her to be a successful franchise owner.


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Best in Class franchisees come from many different backgrounds and nationalities, but what they all have in common is a deep passion for helping their community and an immense drive to be successful entrepreneurs. In this video, four franchisees from different parts of the country will share with you why they chose Best in Class Education Center to be their ultimate franchising opportunity.


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Carole Said, a franchisee out of Houston, Texas, has a few words to share with you about her onboarding experience and why she chose Best in Class Education Center.


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