Fear is Relative for Best in Class CEO

Failure is a subjective term for Hao Lam. The founder and CEO of Best in Class has had life-changing failures—10, he says—including running from gunfire and being sent to a Vietnamese prison on several occasions.

His admitted failures and missteps culminated in one glorious success, when, after surviving a seven-day journey on a fishing boat bound for the Philippines, Lam finally landed in Palawan, ready to start a new life.

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Hao Lam, CEO of Best in Class Education

Best in Class Opens Five New Centers In October

Best in Class Education Center, a top-of-the-line education enrichment program that focuses on building better students and teachers, is entering new communities across the country at record-breaking rates. With five centers opening their doors for business in the month of October alone, the brand isn’t just capitalizing on its strong business momentum—Best in Class is successfully living out its mission to provide students with the best possible supplemental education.

“We saw tremendous growth in the first half of this year, and we’re not slowing down, which is very exciting for our brand,” said Hao Lam, Best in Class Education’s founder and CEO. “We continue to bring new centers to our established territories like the state of Texas, while also growing in new markets like Maryland.”

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Entrepreneur Realizes American Dream of Business Ownership By Opening Best in Class

For the past 15 years, Sehr Fatima and her husband have been moving from city to city in order to keep up with corporate jobs. So when they decided to invest in a business in the U.S., they started looking for an opportunity that would bring some stability into their lives.

“From day one, I knew that I wanted to get involved with a brand operating in the education industry. But I wasn’t truly excited about a specific opportunity until I was introduced to Best in Class Education Center,” Fatima said. “Everyone on the brand’s corporate leadership team has this level of commitment and passion that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else. Starting from CEO of the brand, Hao Lam’s energy is palpable, which is what originally inspired me to open my own franchise.”

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Best in Class Opening in The Woodlands

Best in Class (BIC) Education Center, a top-of-the-line education enrichment program that focuses on math and English, is proud to announce its newest center opening at 375 Sawdust Rd. The Woodlands/Sawdust BIC location will be spearheaded by franchisee and education advocate Yemi Lemma.

Lemma will be hosting a grand opening event for parents and children this Saturday, August 27 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Snacks and drinks will be provided while parents can meet the staff and take advantage of a free academic assessment, waved registration fees as well as two free classes for their children. Participants will also have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a chance to win one of three grand prizes, including a Star Wars BB-8 Droid, Osmo Start Kit and Kidi Zoom Smart Watch.

Lemma was inspired to become a franchisee with Best in Class Education Center after a franchise consultant introduced her to the brand. Lemma was very impressed with the franchise mission to build successful students that she decided to become a franchisee. Her desire to help her two children succeed translated into a passion to help other students in the area receive the same high quality of education.

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The Woodlands Best in Class grand opening flyer

Best in Class Opening in Sugarland

Best in Class (BIC) Education Center is opening its first location in Sugar Land. Their grand opening event will start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 20.

Local owners and Chinese immigrants, Helena Liu and Jerry Li are eager to welcome their new business to the community.

Helena came to the U.S. 18 years ago with her husband, supporting his career as a metal material processor. With substantial travel required for her husband’s job, she received a variety of degrees in order to maintain a steady job including a Master’s in Computer Resources and Information Management and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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Helena's Grand Opening

Best in Class Franchisee is Helping to Expand the Brand’s California Footprint

Jenny Tran was first inspired to open a Best in Class center after witnessing firsthand the positive difference that the growing education center has had on her own two children.

With the hope of helping her children improve their grades, Tran trialed various supplemental education brands—the only problem was, she didn’t see any results. That’s when she found Best in Class. Since enrolling her two children more than four years ago, she watched as they went from struggling in school to becoming straight-A students. In fact, Tran’s teenage daughter was able to improve her math skills so much that she skipped an entire grade. Now, she’s in the honors program at school. Her younger son experienced a similar outcome—he went on to receive the Achievement Award at school.

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Jenny's Grand Opening

This Mom Took Her Kids's Education Into Her Own Hands and Became a Franchisee

Sometimes, one decision changes your life. For Priya Venkat, it was enrolling her children in a Best in Class Education Center.

After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Venkat moved to Seattle and spent 14 years in the medical field, specializing in fertility. Evidenced by her background, she values education highly and was concerned about what her children were learning – or what they weren’t. “After toting around parent-teacher conferences and checking my children’s homework, I became alarmingly aware that the education my children were receiving in school fell short,” she says.

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Priya Venkat of Best in Class Education teaching a student

Best In Class Rewards Educators With Teacher Incentive Program

The brand reduces the franchise fee and waves royalties for former and current educators.

Best in Class Education Center, a top-of-the-line education enrichment program that focuses on math and English, wants to reward those that share their values of changing the world by helping one student at a time. This is done through the brand’s Teacher Incentive Program.

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Tutoring student one on one

Young Ones to Watch: Laura Leddusire

Laura Leddusire has been a part of the Best in Class team for nearly seven years. She started as an English tutor, moved on to become a Center Manager, and is now the Vice President of Operations. She has a passion for education and helping all students reach their full potential. Through Best in Class, she feels fortunate to have a career that allows her to make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of students across the United States.

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Laura Leddusire

Leaving Vietnam: From ESL Student to Teacher

Thi Thi knows what it’s like to learn a second language out of necessity. Perhaps that is what makes her such a great teacher - when she walks into the ESL classroom, Thi Thi can picture herself as a student because she once was one.

Thi Thi came to the United States with her parents and five siblings in 1987. She was thirteen years old. Born in Vietnam, Thi Thi grew up during the aftermath of the Fall of Saigon, the event that signaled the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975. According to Thi Thi, despite the war’s end, Vietnam was rife with fear and anxiety.

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Thi Thi, a Vietnamese refugee, now a successful ESL teacher, living in California

Best in Class CEO on Franchising & Education

ALIST Magazine: Can you tell us about Best in Class Education Center?

Hao Lam: Best in Class is dedicated to providing superior supplemental education. We started small, but with huge a passion for education. We believe education is the door to the future and we want to leave a lasting positive impact on our students, staff members and communities.

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Alist Summer 2015 cover

After a Life as Refugees, This Entrepreneur Family has no Fear

Hao and Lisa Lam met and fell in love in a refugee camp in the Philippines after escaping Vietnam. Based in Seattle, they are franchisors of the Best in Class Education Center, with 30 centers around the country. Educators provide tutoring services at the center and help students prepare for college. The Lams provide jobs for 85 to 100 individuals just at their Washington location. They share key lessons from starting out in a refugee camp to operating a family business.

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Entrepreneur without Fear

Young Ones To Watch

Laura Leddusire is an extraordinary woman working hard to make sure her brand is seen the same way. As the vice president of operation at Best in Class Education, Laura is able to put her passion for learning to work, helping both her business, its franchisees and their students succeed. She recently sat down with 1851 and did a Q&A on her experiences and her career.

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Tutor helping students

I've Survived Worse

Hao Lam, EO Seattle member and CEO of Best in Class Education, talks through his personal journey and discusses how his persistence has been instrumental in bringing him to his successes today .

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Hao and Lisa Lam

San Francisco Parents are Turning to Supplemental Education

With a continuing shortage of qualified teachers in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area, many parents are turning to supplemental education for academic success for their children.

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Opening An Education Franchise I Believe In

Kevin Lee believes there is something wrong with the education system in the United States. There simply are not enough teachers in the public school system to give each student the attention he or she deserves. He provides insight on this idea and talks about his experience with Best in Class Education in an interview with Entrepreneur.

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Interview with Hao Lam, Chairman and CEO of Best in Class

Hao Lam, Chairman and CEO of Best in Class Education Center gets interviewed.

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Hao Lam, CEO of Best in Class Education

Sacramento Engineer Follows Her Passion To Teach Math And English

Jenny Tran decided to open a Best in Class in Sacramento after her family relocated from San Jose. Jenny’s children went through the Best in Class program in San Jose and she saw that it was a good business. Her education in Engineering has reconnected her with her love for math and teaching.

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CBS Sacramento Education

Math Whiz Builds Tutoring Empire

Hao Lam got hooked on tutoring as a high school student in northern British Columbia, riding his bike around town to teach kids math. He was delighted when they understood.

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Hao Lam, Math Whiz

Franchise Players: How This Professor Became a Tutoring Franchisee

Learn how a college professor became a Best in Class franchisee. at Entrepreneur.

Dr. Ming Hsu, professor, entrepreneur

Best In Class Founder Shares Story Of The American Dream

Business Opportunities Journal does a Q&A with Best in Class Education CEO, Hao Lam on his personal story, the history of Best in Class, franchising opportunities, and more.

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